1. Expression.

Your teeth are the central feature of your face, reflecting your deepest emotions instantly, on demand, without giving any notice. It is a privilege to be able to express feeling without restraint or concern for how your teeth appear. So make the most of your smile. Give me a call and we’ll discuss improvements that can change your life.

2. Happiness.

Your smile broadcasts the truth – there is no hiding it. When you have real contentment, your pleasure is conveyed on demand through your smile. We have many restorative and cosmetic methods to enhance any smile. Give me a call and we’ll discuss a treatment plan especially for you.

3. Beauty.

Facial beauty is a mathematical relationship between proportion, balance and symmetry. It is estimated that as much as 50 percent of a person’s facial beauty is determined by their teeth and gums. That is because, with the lips closed, teeth give structure and symmetry to the lower third of the face. Plus, when a person smiles, beautiful teeth make a stunning contribution to the face and personality, causing the difference between ordinary and “classic beauty.” I would enjoy visiting with you about making your smile a beautiful asset, and invite you to call for a free consultation.

4. Health.

Society believes that the teeth and gums are a visual thermometer of their owner’s health. When someone has chipped, discolored, missing or neglected teeth, they are automatically stereotyped as having poor hygiene. This can affect career, friendships and romance. Routine visits to your family dentist are the best way to assure that your teeth and gums not only look healthy–but actually are healthy. If you are considering a family dentist, I invite you to give me a call.

5. Confidence.

As it relates to your personal appearance, confidence comes from knowing the effect that your teeth and your smile will have on others. For those missing one or more teeth, confidence is knowing you can eat your favorite foods, or express any emotion, without fear of denture slippage. Restorative and cosmetic dentistry improves more than the form and function of teeth. It can restore a boldness in your personality that may have been lost due to the habit of restraining your smile or containing emotions. If you are considering improvements that will change your life, I invite you to give me a call.