Many people do not receive dental care because of fear or anxiety. Sedation Dentistry is the answer, providing today’s best technology and patient comfort. We offer several sedation methods to meet the patient’s individual needs, including a dental anesthesiologist.


Levels of sedation range from minimal to full anesthesia:

  • Minimal – relaxed and awake
  • Conscious – awake, but you may not remember much of the procedure
  • Deep – near unconsciousness, but can still be woken up.
  • Anesthesia – unconscious


There are four different types of sedation used in dentistry:

  • Inhaled – Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is breathed in and helps relax you during the procedure.
  • Oral – offers minimal to moderate sedation. A pill is taken about an hour before the procedure.
  • IV – sedation is given through an IV and provides a moderate level of sedation.
  • Anesthesia – puts you to sleep.


I received extensive training from the leading Dental Sedation Specialists in the United States, assuring my patients a pleasant and painless experience.