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Case 6

The patient had fillings that were done years ago to close a space between the upper front teeth. They were starting to wear away on the back. She also …

Case 5

This patient came in because he wanted to have his front teeth fixed so that he could find a job. He told me that he wanted the bad teeth …

Case 4

This patient was concerned about the way her upper and lower front teeth looked. She did not like the fact that the upper front teeth were not the same …

Case 3

This patient came to see me while undergoing chemotherapy. Years of neglect, combined with radiation and chemotherapy, had caused extensive damage to his teeth. After close examination, the best …

Case 2

This patient came in because she disliked the look of her silver fillings. I removed the existing silver fillings and replaced them with all porcelain onlays matching the natural …

Case 1

This patient came in requesting replacement of an old bridge supporting two upper right front teeth. The porcelain was broken in several places. For several years this patient neglected …


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